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Information Regarding Hate Crimes 

Individuals who commit crimes such as assault or harassment can face serious consequences including arrest, criminal charges, a possible conviction, and penalties including jail time ...

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Brian Zeiger

What are “Crimes Against the Person?”

Generally speaking, crimes can be placed into one of three broad categories[1]: crimes against the person, crimes against property, and crimes against society. The first ...

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Religious Crimes

Religious Crimes

Is there such a thing as a religious crime? I thought we had a first amendment right to freedom of religion. How can there be ...

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Aggravated Assault

Is It Aggravated Assault Or Attempted Murder If I Run Over A Person With My Car?

I ran over a person with my car and got arrested for attempted murder and aggravated assault, will I be convicted of a crime? Attempted ...

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assault laws

What is Simple Assault and Aggravated Assault in Philadelphia?

Some people may believe they must cause serious injury to another person in order to be charged with assault.  This is a common misconception, however, ...

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aggravated assault

Aggravated Assault Upon Police

I was reminded the other day of my very first felony trial, some years back. My client was charged with aggravated assault upon police and he ...

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