Criminal Defense Lawyer PA

What Is Probable Cause?

The concept of probable cause is rooted in the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution. Under the Fourth Amendment, “The right of the ...

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dui lawyer in pennsylvania

How to Pick a DUI Lawyer

If you are charged with driving under the influence (DUI), you may feel concerned about the possible consequences of a conviction. Even a first offense ...

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Criminal Defense Attorney in Philadelphia

7 Dos and Don’ts for Your Criminal Case

Our clients facing criminal charges often have no idea what to do, and what not to do, particularly when facing their first offense. Of course, ...

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What If I’m Accused of Hurting a Minor?

Hurting a minor: it's a serious accusation, especially if you're accused of hurting your own child or if you have children living in your home. ...

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Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyer

Recent Supreme Court Decisions Favor the Rights of Criminal Defendants

With the recent announcement of the Trump administration’s proposal of a new Supreme Court justice to replace the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, many are discussing ...

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Criminal Defense Lawyers PA

Starbucks Arrests: Justified or a Violation of Civil Rights?

On April 12th, a Starbucks employee called Philadelphia police to a store because two African-American men were sitting at a table without purchasing anything. Officers ...

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Shakeup in Philly Criminal Courts may Affect Defendants

The start of 2018 brought to Philadelphia a new district attorney, Larry Krasner. Before his inauguration, Krasner was reportedly evaluating everyone who worked for the ...

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Criminal Defense in PA

Can a Lawyer Help You Avoid a Criminal Conviction?

Having a criminal record can have many effects on your life. A conviction for a crime can make it difficult to do the following and ...

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Criminal Defense Lawyer in PA

Common End-of-the-Year Criminal Charges

The end of each year brings the holidays, which should be a time for celebration with loved ones. Some people do not have a smooth ...

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Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

When Should I Call an Attorney After an Arrest?

After being arrested, your emotions are naturally in overdrive. It is in your best interest, however, to do whatever you can to remain as calm ...

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