Kathy Kane's Sentence

What Will Be Kathy Kane’s Sentence?

Yesterday, Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathy Kane was found guilty of two counts of perjury and multiple misdemeanors. Today, the question is, what will be Kathy Kane's ...

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cross reference

Cross References & Special Instructions

As if the federal sentencing guidelines aren't harsh enough, the guidelines occasionally contain a "cross reference" or a "special instruction". At sentencing in federal court, ...

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Consecutive v. Concurrent

Consecutive v. Concurrent

Consecutive v. Concurrent In Pennsylvania, a judge can sentence a defendant to a consecutive or a concurrent term of prison. No rule exists governing when a judge ...

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RRRI - Sentencing Issues

RRRI | Pennsylvania Sentencing Alternative

RRRI stands for Recidivism Risk Reduction Incentive. This is a program that allow an inmate in state custody to get paroled before their minimum. At ...

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