Essay by: Chloe Myers

Essay Subject: My good friend and professional cyclist David H. Sylvester has announced a new Hugs & High Fives Tour. This summer Dave will travel, on his bicycle, from San Bernardino, California to Philadelphia, PA. He will be stopping at many cities along the way.

The purpose of Dave’s tour is to motivate people to see the good in our society and to look for the possibilities in their own lives. Dave believes this is possible through the exchange of stories, talking about society, and Hugs & High Fives. One of David’s frequent topics is police brutality in our society and how everyone in our society must come together for peace to balance our civil rights.
If you can make it to one of Dave’s city, that would be great—he has plenty of hugs and high fives. Either way, please write an essay on the effect of police brutality on our society and suggestions for reducing social unrest in our society related to police actions.

My name is Chloe Myers. As an African­American WOC (Woman of Color), I firmly believe
and know that Black Lives Matter. When I was 13, my step­father, whom I have always called my
father, passed away from a heart attack, and I watched the whole thing happen. He was, and always
will be, the light of my life.

When I graduate from the University of Central Florida next year with my Bachelor’s in Film, I
will walk across the stage in honor of my step­father, and in the memory of the countless victims of
police brutality, such as Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, and Freddie Gray. The purpose of the Black
Lives Matter movement, in my opinion, is to show the world that my people are tired of being
slaughtered in front of their homes, families, and loved ones, with little to no justice being served for the
fallen, and no consequences for the killers, who, ironically, are the ones who are supposed to protect
and serve us citizens.

Yes, I have a White name. I’m 22. I also have a cumulative 3.0 GPA, and long, dreadlocked
hair, and a slender frame. I’m more than my name and my skin color. I’m an intelligent, creative,
insightful, and powerful young woman that knows what she wants out of life. To Mr. David Sylvester,
the coordinator of the Hugs & High Fives Tour, I commend you on your notion to let everyone know
about the positivity that the world truly has to offer, and applaud you on your stance on assisting with
the fact that, yes, Black Lives Matter. Just because I’m pro­Black, does not mean that I am anti­White.
White privilege has been around since the beginning of time, yet I have to pray every time I get in the car
and hope that I don’t become a new hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.

My ultimate dream is to become a screenwriter for shows and films that advocate peace and
positivity for POC (People of Color), such as Empire, How to Get Away With Murder, and Luke
Cage. Captain America: Civil War inspired me because Black Panther, played by the marvelous
Chadwick Boseman, embodies something that every little Black girl and boy should see in the lifetime: a
Black hero and protagonist that actually lives throughout the whole story. Representation truly does

I know that my field ofstudy is in the arts, and doesn’t relate to law. However, let me say this:
my generation is a unique breed of creators, innovators, and extremists. We know how to get things
done, and we know how to protest, as everyone has seen on the news lately. To the families of the ever
growing number of fallen heroes and angels, I stand with you, and I know that justice will be served,
righteously, one day.

I thank you all, for listening to my story.


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