Essay by: Saisidvi Chappidi

Essay SubjectCrime is all around us. Unfortunately, crime rates seem to increase from year to year, and we’re living in a society where we need to constantly look out for ourselves and our loved ones.

There are many products and services on the market to help reduce crime, from house alarms to video cameras to high tech locks. There are also many neighborhood watch groups, after school programs, and community-based services whose intention is to keep people safe.

What are some other, or innovative, ways to prevent crime? How do they work and how feasible are they to implement? If you could create something new, what would it be?



How will I explain to my younger brother, that our community is no longer safe for him to enjoy with his friends and family? This is a crucial issue which affects us today as crime rates continue to increase. Therefore, we the people must take a proper STANCE against this matter. Our government has already implemented effective means which support public safety like our Fire and Police Department. However, our government isn’t the only one responsible for maintaining a secure society. The responsibility lies within our hands as well. This is where our STANCE steps in. It’s a simple yet effective process summed up into one acronym which will aid an individual in troubling public situations.

Secure-  Activate the locks and alarms which surround the entrances of your home before leaving and sleeping.

Territory- Stay away from unknown territory and only operate within an area you are familiar with.

Ally- It’s important that you leave your safe zone with a friend because you won’t be alone and vulnerable in an unknown area.

Notify- Before you plan to leave, notify a trusted individual about your plan along with who you’re traveling with so that they know where to contact you in case of an emergency.

Caution- When you are roaming through and unknown area, tread with caution and be on the lookout for any suspicious activity.

Equipped- If you were to get into trouble, it is best to be equipped with a device which will either warn the threat or even call for help.

My parents and I have followed this technique for the past few years only to see positive results. As this technique begins to spread to every household, we can ensure a safer journey for those in coming generations. This call to action will not only reduce crime rates but also equip future generation with a simple technique to stay out of harm’s reach.  With the increase of more equipped individuals we can let them roam safely and freely throughout all communities. As this technique begins to spread to every household, we can ensure a safer journey for those in coming generations. This process is one more fierce battle against public danger and we can take home the trophy if we the people also take a proper STANCE against this threat to our safety.

Ultimately, this simple but effective technique will equip future generations with the means to travel through communities with confidence and strength. This call to action has joined my family for the past few years and since then we haven’t seen anything but positive results. As more and more families adopt this process, we can fight against the looming threat of public danger such as kidnapping, human trafficking, and etc. As a result of our actions and commitment, we will win the fight against this threat to public safety and take home the trophy. You too can be a part of this movement and all you have to do is take the proper STANCE against this crisis.


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