Drug Possession is usually charged as Knowing and Intentional Possession or abbreviated as K&I by the police. This charge means that you are charged with simple possession of narcotics as a misdemeanor, not the more serious Possession with the Intent to Delivery (PWID). The criminal defense attorneys at the Philadelphia law firm of The Zeiger Firm have years of experience dealing with drug possession cases. Our lawyers have successfully litigated motions, bench trials, jury trials, and appeals, in knowing and intentional possession (K&I) cases.

Many of those arrested for selling drugs are in fact only drug users, overcharged and jailed rather than given the treatment they need and desire. Our lawyers take special pride in aggressively defending against drug charges because we deeply believe that the War On Drugs has done far more harm than good. From destroying families and communities to imprisoning non-violent first time offenders, the system is out of control, and The Zeiger Firm will fight long and hard to prevent the dishonest convictions that happen every day.

There are many possible drug-related charges. Drug charges may be relatively minor, such as possession of a small amount of certain drugs, or they may be more severe, such as manufacturing, distributing and delivering drugs. Generally, the criminal charges increase depending upon the type and quantity of drugs a person possesses and whether a person is charged with possession or distribution of the illegal narcotics.

Under Pennsylvania law, a conviction for drug possession requires proof, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the defendant: (1) knowingly and intentionally possessed a controlled substance without a valid prescription; (2) knew the drug was an illegal controlled substance; and (3) had actual control or possession of the drug. Though drug possession is considered a relatively minor drug crime, its penalties can be severe. Many cases carry “mandatory minimum” sentences, which a court must impose. For example, in Pennsylvania, simple possession of marijuana has a “mandatory minimum” six-month loss of your driving license.

When you have been charged with possession of drugs, you need an attorney who understands the laws, rules and procedures that apply to these cases, which differ dramatically depending upon whether your case is in State or Federal Court, or whether your case is in Pennsylvania. Our firm works with investigators and experts to fight cases. At the same time, we always are prepared with sentencing alternatives to present to judges. We work closely with social workers, treatment facilities and healthcare professionals to provide mitigation reports and earn our clients placement in drug programs.

In drug-related cases, you need an attorney who recognizes that small differences are enormous. We advocate zealously, never forgetting that our most important goal is obtaining the best results for our clients, whether that means fighting procedural battles or representing our clients before a judge or jury. We work hard for our clients, explaining their options and keeping them updated about the status of their cases.

When you need a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney to defend you when you have been arrested and charged with drug possession, contact The Zeiger Firm. Our criminal defense attorneys have represented numerous people charged with drug and narcotic crimes, and we understand the differences between the various crimes and zealously will defend you in State and Federal Court in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. To arrange a consultation, please give us a call at 215-546-0340 or send us an email via the form below.


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