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Philadelphia criminal defense attorney Brian J. Zeiger has earned a reputation for going toe-to-toe with state and federal prosecutors. The Zeiger Firm offers top-quality legal representation to individuals who have been charged with crimes in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, and Chester counties, and throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania.

Our Philadelphia criminal lawyers are committed to:

  • Defending every client zealously
  • Providing the highest quality personalized legal strategies
  • Fighting for the best results possible in every case

Our trusted criminal defense team will guide you through the court system, taking advantage of every opportunity to punch holes in the case against you. We also vigorously go after police and government agencies when they violate your civil rights. When pleading guilty is not an option, you need to call us. We never back down from a fight for what’s right.


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When the police use excessive force in doing their job, they must be held accountable for their actions. Our Philadelphia police brutality attorneys hold arresting officers accountable for their actions. At The Zeiger Firm, our Pennsylvania police brutality civil rights lawyers have one goal – to represent every client zealously in order to obtain the best results possible in each case.

The Zeiger Firms deals with all civil rights matters including:

Our lawyers fight for justice – we never give up. Attorney Brian J. Zeiger has tremendous experience in civil rights actions and has tried many cases to verdict. Mr. Zeiger has a long track record of settlements and jury awards in police brutality and civil rights cases.

“White-collar” crimes are, by nature, non-violent. Instead, these offenses are financially motivated and usually use fraud or other schemes to misappropriate money or property. Just because white-collar crimes do not involve violence, however, does not mean that the consequences are not potentially harsh. In fact, white-collar crimes often involve large sums of money, and the penalties for convictions increase as the dollar amount increases.

There are many different criminal offenses in Pennsylvania that are considered to be “white-collar.” Some of the white-collar cases that our firm handles include:

Each of these offenses has its own elements a prosecutor must prove, as well as its own potential penalties. Costs for representation can also vary depending on the type of case. These charges can often be felonies, which can result in a long period of imprisonment upon a conviction. However, our criminal defense firm knows how to skillfully defend against white-collar allegations to limit or eliminate the consequences that you may face.

White-collar crimes often involve extensive investigations, and attorney Brian Zeiger can begin protecting your rights as soon as you suspect you may be under investigation. In addition, if you are arrested on suspicion of a white-collar crime, the police will likely want to question you extensively. You should always invoke your right to remain silent and right to an attorney before you answer any police questions about any type of crime. We can represent you during all police interrogations and communications to ensure that your rights are protected and defenses are preserved. We will then handle every step of your case and fight for the most favorable resolution possible.

There is a serious stigma associated with sex crimes that is worse than many other criminal offenses. A sex-related criminal conviction can affect nearly every aspect of your life, including your personal relationships, child custody, job opportunities, and much more. Because of the damage caused by a sex crime conviction, you need the most skilled criminal defense law firm on your side to avoid wrongful conviction or to mitigate the penalties sentenced in your case.
There are many different sex offenses set out by Pennsylvania law that The Zeiger Firm can handle, including:

A conviction for such offenses can result in fines and time in state prison. Some sex convictions are first-degree felonies, which means up to 20 years behind bars.

In addition to imprisonment, many sex crime convictions require you to register as a sex offender with the Pennsylvania State Police. The police then post the sex offender registry on a public website that is searchable by name, zip code, and more. This means that anyone can gain access to your name and other personal information, including the offense of which you were found guilty. You can imagine how this can cause damage to almost every area of your life. People may refuse to hire you, rent you housing, or even engage in a personal relationship with you. For all of these reasons, you need the right criminal defense law firm behind you if you are facing sex crime charges.

Prisoners are reliant on the corrections system for their medical care. People with medical conditions have the right to adequate healthcare care in prison. Their medical needs should not go ignored simply because they are serving a sentence. Unfortunately, prisoners may face indifference or hostility from the prison staff and the administration when they seek much-needed treatment and care. When this happens, medical neglect can lead to serious health complications.

The Zeiger Firm fights for prisoners who have suffered serious and completely avoidable adverse consequences due to prison medical neglect. Our firm will fight on your behalf to hold the prison system accountable and demand financial compensation by filing a civil rights lawsuit against the federal, state, or local government.

Federal criminal law can be much more complex than state law, and the penalties for a federal criminal conviction can be far harsher. If you are accused, arrested, or charged with a federal crime, your rights and freedom are at serious risk. At The Zeiger Firm, we have extensive experience defending people who are facing charges involving:

  • Drug Trafficking
  • Child Exploitation Offenses
  • Felony Firearms Possession
  • Mail or Credit Card Fraud
  • Medicare Fraud
  • Large-Scale Fraud
  • Counterfeiting
  • Terrorism
  • Organized Crime
  • Financial Crimes
  • Computer Crimes
  • Crimes Committed Against Federal Officials

A conviction on a drug offense can mean years in prison, overwhelming fines, and a lengthy probation period even after incarceration. It is crucial that you have an experienced drug crimes attorney on your side to fight for your rights. At The Zeiger Firm, we have years of experience defending a wide range of drug crimes, including:

To learn about the defense options available in your case, please contact us today.

In Pennsylvania, there is no separate criminal charge of “domestic violence.” Instead, defendants will face criminal charges that can have additional consequences if they fall into the category of domestic violence or domestic abuse. Examples of underlying criminal charges you may face in a domestic violence or abuse case include:

  • Assault
  • Child Abuse
  • Endangering the Welfare of a Child
  • Stalking
  • False Imprisonment
  • Weapons Charges

Whenever a crime is classified as domestic violence, the case becomes substantially more complicated. At The Zeiger Firm, our defense team has the skills and resources needed to represent clients facing a variety of domestic violence-related offenses.

When you think of assault, you may first think of a brief physical altercation – like a bar fight – that causes minimal harm and for which you face minimal penalties. In reality, assault charges can be serious and a conviction can have lasting consequences. Pennsylvania assault laws are complicated, and charges can be issued even if you caused no harm to another person. In fact, you can be charged with assault if you only cause someone else to fear imminent harm.

There are two main categories of assault in Pennsylvania: simple assault and aggravated assault. Simple assault is a misdemeanor, but it is a serious matter. Misdemeanor convictions still come with penalties that can include fines, probation, and jail time. If the prosecutor alleges that certain circumstances existed, your charges may be escalated to aggravated assault, which is a felony offense. Felony convictions can have wide-reaching consequences – from time in state prison to disqualification from many jobs. Aggravated assault can be charged when an assault caused serious injury, involved the use of a deadly weapon, or took place against a public official, child, or other specified victims. When an assault victim is seriously injured, the penalties often involve extended prison sentences – sometimes, up to 20 years.

Whether you face simple assault or aggravated assault charges, there are many ways to defend against such charges, including claiming self-defense. Self-defense claims are far more complex than many people realize, however. They involve more than simply stating you were fighting back. In this situation, you need a highly experienced defense lawyer who knows how to present complicated legal defenses and how to protect your rights.

Law enforcement officers regularly arrest juveniles in and around the Philadelphia area. Juvenile cases can be handled in one of two ways – in juvenile court or in state court being tried as an adult. This decision is based on many factors, and your attorney can fight to have your case heard in juvenile court, which can have numerous advantages.

Juvenile courts have their own rules and procedures, so it is critical to have a lawyer who has represented juveniles in the past and understands the system. If you are tried in adult criminal court, it is imperative to have a seasoned attorney aggressively defending your rights. A conviction in adult court can have the same consequences for defendants of any age – including time in state prison. This can obviously be very dangerous for a juvenile and not only can put them at risk of harm but will likely adversely impact the rest of their lives.

Many juvenile crimes may not seem serious, such as minor drug possession or shoplifting. However, any criminal record can follow a juvenile around for years to come. Whether your case is being heard in juvenile court or state criminal court, do not wait any longer to call The Zeiger Firm if you or your child has been arrested.

Many people may believe that theft is not a serious crime as it does not cause or threaten physical harm to anyone. However, loss of property is still considered harm under the law, and authorities seek charges and convictions for theft and burglary on a regular basis. Robbery is another matter, as this offense does involve the threat or use of physical force, so the charges and penalties are often severe.
Theft, burglary, and robbery are often associated but are, in fact, three different offenses with different elements that the prosecutor must prove. Here is an overview of these charges:

  • Theft – Theft involves the taking of someone else’s property or money without their permission. Theft crimes can range from stealing something from a store to using fraud to obtain money from someone. The penalties for theft crimes often depend on the value of what was allegedly taken.
  • Burglary – Burglary is often assumed to be breaking into a house and robbing it. However, burglary involves the unlawful entering or remaining in any structure or dwelling with the intent to commit any type of crime. While burglary cases often involving allegations of theft, they can also involve entering a building to commit an assault or a sex crime, for example. Penalties for burglary are increased if the structure entered was a home with people inside or if harm was caused during the burglary.
  • Robbery – A robbery conviction requires proof that someone physically stole or tried to steal something from another person by threatening or using physical force. Robbery can involve simply threatening to hurt someone or causing actual harm with a weapon – and everything in between. Robbery charges are always serious and can be aggravated if a weapon was used or if an injury occurred.

Because these offenses are separate and apply in different situations, there are also different defenses that are commonly used for each one. The Zeiger Firm can identify every available defense in each case and present evidence to support such defenses. Our firm regularly defends clients against theft, burglary, and robbery charges so please call to discuss your charges today.

Homicide is largely considered to be the most serious criminal offense because it involves the loss of human life. There are different types of homicide charges, however, each with different elements and consequences. The following are some types of homicide charges under Pennsylvania law:

  • Homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence – This offense is fairly straightforward and occurs when someone who is engaging in DUI kills another person.
  • Involuntary manslaughter – This charge can apply to someone who acted in a grossly negligent or reckless manner that caused the death of another person. This can include killing someone while driving aggressively or engaging in other types of potentially dangerous behavior.
  • Voluntary manslaughter – This type of manslaughter occurs when a person is seriously provoked and, in the resulting sudden and intense rage or passion, kills another person. This does not involve a prior intention to kill.
  • Third-degree murder – This is a killing that is committed with malice but that is not intentional, and this category serves as a type of catch-all for homicides that do not qualify as other types of murder or manslaughter.
  • Second-degree murder – This is often referred to as “felony murder” as it involves a killing – even an unintentional one – of another person during the commission of certain felonies. You can even be an accomplice to the felony and still be charged with second-degree murder.
  • First-degree murder – This is the most serious crime as it involves the premeditated and intentional killing of another person. In order to be convicted, a prosecutor must prove that the defendant meant to kill – not just to injure – and they intentionally and knowingly carried out the murder. A conviction for first-degree murder usually results in life in prison.

All homicide convictions can result in long prison sentences, so you need the best possible defense representation in any of these cases. The Zeiger Firm does not shy away from challenging homicide cases and works to protect the rights of clients facing homicide charges in every way possible. Please do not wait any longer to call our firm if you have been accused of killing someone.

Even after convicted offenders complete their sentences, criminal convictions can continue to affect their lives in many ways. An employer may conduct a criminal background check of job applicants or current employees, and Pennsylvania still allows employers to base employment decisions on criminal convictions. Many companies will not hire anyone with a criminal past, even if the offense was relatively minor.

Additionally, it can be difficult to be accepted into higher education programs or to obtain professional licenses with a criminal conviction on your record. Convictions may also be considered for child custody decisions, apartment rentals, and more. The Zeiger Firm can determine whether you are eligible to expunge your criminal record and have convictions erased so that you no longer have to deal with the consequences of your past actions. We can help with the expungement process and fight for your right to a clean record when possible.

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“Brian Zeiger is the definition of an exceptional lawyer. I was placed in an “unfair” assault case with Philadelphia police officers. I quoted unfair because since they have authority, they are automatically looked at as no wrongful doing. I was seeking for someone to help me serve justice. At the time everyone doubted me, stating that a case such as mine will be over thrown (due to the fact I was trying to go up against Philadelphia police officers, the people who are suppose to protect and serve us). Brian Zeiger was the only one who took the time out, and put in the hard work, determination, and effort to help me serve justice on an unfair matter. Til’ this day I thank and appreciate everything that Mr. Zeiger have done for me. Thanks Brian!!!”

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