While the police claim the taser is non-deadly force, too often are people permanently injury as a result of tasing.

There are two ways for police to use a taser:

  • First, the police fire it like a gun and metal wires fly through the air, hit the victim, and an electrical shock goes through the wire to the person.
  • The second type of tasering is when it is held directly up to the skin of the person. In a direct stun, two pieces of metal prongs from the taser touch the human body and the electrical pulse goes directly from the taser to the person’s body.

Taser cases are unique in that some people have almost no injury from being tasered, while other people are severely injured from the taser. Injuries include brain dysfunction and impairment, memory loss, permanent nuerological disability, seizures, skin burns, injury as a result of a fall onto the ground, coma, etc.

Also, sometimes the the device malfunctions, causing a greater amount of electricity to pulse through the body of the victim. In taser malfunction cases, the manufacturer of the device may also be liable for your injuries.

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