State and federal laws provide fundamental protections, such as the right to be free from illegal searches, seizures, cruel and unusual punishment, and to act as a witness against yourself. Unfortunately, some governmental actors, such as police and prosecutors, regularly violate the same laws they are sworn to protect. When this happens, civil rights attorneys serve as guardians of your rights and can help hold governmental actors accountable for their misconduct.

If you have been the victim of a civil rights violation, contact The Zeiger Firm today for a confidential consultation to discuss your legal options. We represent clients throughout Camden County, New Jersey in various civil rights claims.

Overview of The Zeiger Firm in Camden County

The Zeiger Firm was founded in 2005 by Attorney Brian Zeiger after working many years as a criminal lawyer. Today, Brian Zeiger represents individuals who are charged with various crimes. He has extensive trial experience defending individuals charged with crimes ranging from misdemeanors to major felonies. He is willing to take cases to a jury to get justice for his clients, including cases involving serious civil rights violations by police, prosecutors, and other government actors. He represents clients throughout Camden County in these civil rights cases.

Some of the legal victories our firm has achieved in civil rights cases include:

  • $1.3 million in prisoner medical care deprivation case
  • $500,000 in police brutality case
  • $500,000 in police brutality case
  • $350,000 in police brutality case
  • $250,000 in prisoner medical care deprivation case

The Zeiger Firm strongly believes that the best way to end civil rights violations is to expose them and punish those responsible. We want to uphold the Constitution that we as a nation hold so dear. We do our part by providing aggressive legal advocacy to those victimized by individuals who swore to protect our rights.

How a Camden County Civil Rights Attorney Can Help You

Civil rights attorneys zealously protect the rights of citizens whose constitutional or civil rights have been violated by pursuing independent claims against government officials supposedly acting under the color of law. The Zeiger Firm passionately believes that the best way to bring about meaningful change is to hold those in power who commit egregious actions accountable for their misconduct.

Civil rights attorneys can take the following actions to assist you with your claim:

  • Investigate the violation
  • Identify the appropriate agency and lodge a formal complaint
  • Gather evidence to build your claim
  • Devise a personalized legal strategy
  • Explain your legal rights and answer your questions
  • Fight for a fair resolution of your case

If your civil rights case involves an underlying criminal case, we can explore how the misconduct affects that case and raise applicable defenses.

Common Civil Rights Violations in Camden County

Civil rights violations typically occur when police or other law enforcement officers discriminate against individuals because of characteristics such as their:

  • Race
  • National origin
  • Religion
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender expression

Our civil rights attorney are prepared to take on any case involving:


The law protects individuals from police abuse, including through the application of excessive force. The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights acknowledges that law enforcement may sometimes use physical force, but this should only occur in rare circumstances such as emergency situations to protect human life. Instead, law enforcement officers are encouraged to use de-escalation techniques as recommended by the National Consensus Policy on the Use of Force.

The Zeiger Firm helps hold police accountable when they use excessive force. We help individuals make claims under state or federal law, including under Title 42, Section 1983 of the U.S. Code to demand recompense after individuals suffer physically or emotionally from excessive force.


While some people view taser guns as a less violent way of applying force to suspects, they can be just as dangerous as other methods. A Reuters report found that about 50 people died in one recent year after being incapacitated by an officer’s taser and more than 1,000 people were killed by police taser use since 2000. Individuals with disabilities are often the subject of excessive force, including inappropriate taser use. We can demand justice if you or a loved one was mistreated.


False arrest occurs when a law enforcement officer arrests someone without probable cause. If police do not believe a person has committed a crime, they cannot legally arrest that person and can be responsible for the innocent individual’s damages.


Unlawful detention or false imprisonment can occur in other situations that do not necessarily result in arrest, such as when police:

  • Unlawfully use bodily restraints
  • Lock victims in a police car
  • Do not allow victims to leave an interrogation room
  • Threatens the victim with physical force

If you were falsely arrested or imprisoned, we can help you seek justice.


Malicious prosecution can occur when a prosecutor files criminal charges against the defendant knowing one or more of the following:

  • Insufficient evidence exists against the defendant
  • Evidence against the defendant was illegally obtained or obtained through an unreliable source
  • The prosecutor personally hid evidence from the defense


Racial profiling is the systemic practice of singling out individuals based on protected characteristics, like a person’s race or religion. Police base their suspicions on a person’s race rather than the facts involved in a particular case when they racially profile. Unfortunately, racial profiling is far too common in the United States. According to a Rutgers-Newark study, one out of every 1,000 African American men will experience a deadly encounter with police during their lifetime. Let us help you demand the justice and accountability you deserve if you were wrongfully racially profiled.


One way that lawmakers have attempted to address police brutality and other systemic issues in law enforcement agencies is to require agents to wear body cameras. However, these devices come with their own potential problems, such as invasion of privacy or possible intimidation by law enforcement officers.

Damages in Civil Rights Cases

Our firm helps clients seek compensatory damages, statutory damages, punitive damages, and other costs and damages after their civil rights were violated. Depending on the circumstances, we can help you pursue compensation for:

  • Medical expenses – If you were a victim of police brutality or otherwise injured by a government actor, you may require medical treatment. We can seek compensation for all medical expenses related to the incident, including mental health treatment.
  • Lost income – We can also pursue compensation for any income you lost while you were falsely imprisoned or recovering from your injuries.
  • Disability or impairment – Violent encounters with police can lead to permanent disabilities or impairments. We can seek fair compensation following such encounters.
  • Damage to your reputation – Having a criminal record can negatively impact you in a variety of ways. It can make finding employment or housing difficult. Even if the events were ultimately resolved in your favor, you may still suffer irreparable damage to your reputation.
  • Pain and suffering – You can also receive compensation for your physical and emotional pain, suffering, and distress.
  • Punitive damages – While punitive damages are not often awarded, they are in cases involving egregious actions.
  • Legal costs – If you were falsely arrested or maliciously prosecuted, you may be able to recover compensation for the costs you paid for your defense.

Talk to a Civil Rights Attorney in Camden County

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