If you were arrested but not convicted, you are eligible for an expungement. The attorneys at the Philadelphia law firm of The Zeiger Firm offer full service expungements. Out expungement lawyers file the petition, appear in court, win the expungement, get a signed order of expungement, and serve it on the proper governmental agencies to assure the record is properly removed and destroyed. People make mistakes, and that not every mistake must be a permanent negative blot on a person’s life. That’s why, when you need a lawyer to represent you in having a criminal record erased or expunged, you should contact the Pennsylvania attorneys at The Zeiger Firm. Our attorneys understand the stigma that can occur because of a criminal record, and we will zealously represent you if you need to have a charge expunged.

Any person found not-guilty of a crime has the right to petition the court for an expungement, regardless of the offense. A person may also seek to expunge his or her record if the charges were dismissed, suspended, or nolle prossed. Often, persons who are accepted into an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program are entitled to expungement of their records as part of their plea bargain.

If your case resulted in a guilty verdict, the only way your record can be expunged is if you obtain a pardon from the Governor. Our attorneys are well versed in all aspects of the pardon process.

Under 18 Pa.C.S. § 9122, a person’s criminal history record information shall be expunged in certain circumstances, including:

  • When there was no disposition of the case
  • When there was no disposition of a case within 18 months after the date of arrest and the court certifies that no disposition is available and no action is pending
  • A court order requires that such non-conviction data be expunged
  • When an individual reaches 70 years of age and has been free of arrest or prosecution for ten years following final release from confinement or supervision
  • When an individual has been dead for three years

It can be very important to have your record expunged. For example, a criminal record may affect future employment, your ability to be bonded, or your ability to obtain a gun permit. A criminal case is a matter of public record until a petition for expungement is granted by Court Order.

Beginning in October 2016, a new type of expungement will expunge Misdemeanors of the second or third degree (M2 or M3), for people who have been arrest free for ten or more years. There are many exceptions to the rules, and the new expungement will seal the record, not destroy it. Nonetheless, the new Pennsylvania Expungement law is a major step forward. Mr. Zeiger understands the expungement law; he is ready to have your M2 or M3 conviction removed from your record.

The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania expungement lawyers at The Zeiger Firm understand the laws, rules and procedures necessary to obtain expungement of a criminal record. When you need a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania attorney to represent you in an expungement proceeding, contact The Zeiger Firm who represent every client zealously in order to obtain the best results possible in each case. To arrange a consultation, please give us a call at 215-546-0340 or send us an email via the form below.


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