Protecting the Rights of Defendants in Bucks County

Are you facing criminal charges in Bucks County? Chances are you feel stressed and unsure of your future. Will you face fines? Prison time? Have to deal with probation conditions and costs? Lose your license? These are all valid questions and The Zeiger Firm can provide guidance and advice regarding your criminal case.

Anyone who was arrested or charged needs the right defense representation as soon as possible. Please call Bucks County criminal defense lawyer Brian Zeiger today.

Handling a Range of Criminal Cases

No two criminal cases are the same, and your defense attorney should fully understand how to defend against the type of charge you face in the context of the specific allegations against you. The defenses available can vary widely from case to case, and a skilled lawyer will closely evaluate each case and design the most effective defense strategy for your unique circumstance.

The Zeiger Firm handles all types of criminal cases—from the relatively minor to the extremely serious. Some charges we regularly defend against include:

Each of the above offenses has its own elements that a prosecutor must prove and, therefore, its own defenses to cast doubt on the prosecutor’s case.

In addition to defending against new criminal charges, The Zeiger Firm can assist you with the following:

  • Police brutality claims
  • Bail reductions
  • Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) and diversion
  • Criminal appeals
  • Probation and parole violations
  • Sentencing and mandatory minimums
  • Pardons
  • Expungements

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How Our Attorneys Can Help

Hiring a qualified criminal defense firm to stand behind you throughout every stage of your case can bring you many benefits. The following are only some ways that our skilled defense team can help you.

Protecting Your Rights as a Defendant

Defendants facing criminal charges have many rights under the U.S. Constitution, federal law, and Pennsylvania state law. We are well aware of all of your rights as a defendant and we work to aggressively protect your rights and identify when the government has violated a client’s rights. We can begin protecting your rights directly after an arrest or even during a pre-arrest investigation, and our protections will continue throughout every step of the legal process.

We strive to uphold the following rights of criminal defendants, among others:

  • Against unreasonable search or seizure
  • Against self-incrimination
  • To remain silent
  • To representation by an attorney during police interrogations
  • To know the charges against you
  • To release after a wrongful arrest
  • To fair bail being set
  • Against malicious prosecution
  • To a speedy jury trial
  • Against double jeopardy

We also understand the types of evidence that the authorities should not admit against you in a criminal case and we fight to challenge any unreliable evidence or evidence gathered in violation of your rights.

When you are arrested, police should inform you of your rights to remain silent and to have an attorney. Too many people fail to invoke these rights and protect their interests. If you invoke your right to an attorney, police and prosecutors cannot use that against you—and asserting this right can only benefit your case.

Presenting Legal Defenses

Upholding a defendant’s rights is only one part of a criminal defense lawyer’s role. In addition, your attorney should closely evaluate any and all legal defenses that apply to your case. Defendants may use a wide variety of legal defenses depending on the circumstances of their cases, which can include the following and more:

  • Incorrect or overly prejudicial witness identification
  • Alibis (you were in another place and could not have committed the crime)
  • You did not have the requisite intent to commit a crime
  • You did not know someone was committing a crime
  • The prosecutor has insufficient evidence to prove all elements of the offenses
  • Fourth Amendment violations, such as an unlawful arrest or traffic stop or if authorities obtained evidence in violation of your rights
  • You justified your actions as self-defense or the defense of others
  • Exculpatory evidence exists
  • Lab errors rendered forensic test results unreliable
  • Unreliable witness testimony

One or more of the above defenses may apply to your case. The Zeiger Firm will check—and pursue all possible defenses in your situation.

Plea Bargaining

Some defendants are willing to plead guilty to an offense instead of fighting against the allegations. However, no one should ever plead guilty without the assistance of an experienced defense attorney. Brian Zeiger can negotiate with prosecutors to give an agreement to plead guilty in exchange for a reduced sentence or even reduced charges. We present any possible mitigating circumstances to obtain the most favorable plea agreement possible. Some mitigating factors could include that you have no history of criminal activity, you played a minor role in the offense, you are willing to agree to specific probation conditions, and more.

Criminal Trials

If you were wrongfully charged or if a favorable plea bargain is not possible, it may be in your best interests to defend against your charges at a jury trial. Criminal trials are complex events governed by many procedural and evidentiary rules. Trial preparation is extensive and courtroom representation can require total attention and immediate objections to evidence or reactions to new developments. Trial skills come with experience, and The Zeiger Firm has the experience needed to aggressively defend you in the courtroom.

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If you were arrested or already face criminal charges in Bucks County, you need The Zeiger Firm on your side. We stand behind our clients from day one until we help you resolve your case. If you were already convicted of a crime, we can help with different types of post-conviction relief and any allegations of probation or parole violations that may arise.

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