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If you have been convicted of crime, you may not be eligible for an expungement, and you need a pardon to clear your good name and your record. Contact the pardon lawyers at The Zeiger Firm for a free consultation on a Pennsylvania Pardon for a Pennsylvania conviction, or for a Federal Presidential Pardon for a federal conviction. The pardon attorneys at The Zeiger Firm are experienced at writing the pardon application, compiling all of the necessary attachments to the application, preparing the client for the hearing, attending the hearing with the client, successfully getting the pardon, and expunging the original arrest and conviction from your record. Whether you need a Pennsylvania Pardon or a Federal Presidential Pardon, contact us now for a free consultation.

In state court, a pardon is an act of clemency by the Governor, forgiving a person of his or her crime or crimes. A pardon restores all rights and privileges forfeited by the individual. At The Zeiger Firm, we understand the laws, rules and procedures involved in the pardon process and how to advocate effectively on your behalf.

The pardon process begins with an application to the Board of Pardons, which we will help prepare. After the Board receives your application, an investigation begins, considering the facts surrounding your conviction(s) and an interview of you. The Board then will conduct a “merit review” of your application. Your “merit review” will consider factors such as: time elapsed since the crime(s); compliance with court requirements; positive changes in your life; specific need for the pardon; and impact of the offense on the victim(s).

Following the “merit review,” the Board will vote to “approve” your application. If your application is approved, you will have a public hearing. At the hearing, you will present your full story to the Board. Should the Board deem it appropriate, it then will recommend your application to the Governor, who will grant or deny your pardon.

From the initial pardon application through the Governor’s decision, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyers at The Zeiger Firm carefully will guide you through each step of the complex pardon process. We represent our clients zealously, never forgetting that our attorneys and staff must form a team with our clients and their families to assure the best possible outcome.

If you need advice or help with a federal pardon, whether it’s with amnesty, clemency, commutation, remission, respite, reprieve, sealing, or any other Federal Presidential Pardon issue, contact us now to get started.

When you need a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney to pursue a pardon on your behalf, contact The Zeiger Firm, who represent every client zealously in order to obtain the best results possible in each case. To arrange a consultation, please give us a call at 215-546-0340 or send us an email via the form below.


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