Philly CD Lawyer

Handling Residency and Registration Restrictions After Release as a Nonviolent Sex Offender

For the past two years, numerous criminal justice reforms have taken place in the city of Philadelphia, largely aimed at reducing the prison population and ...

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Sex Crime Attorney in PA

The Status of Pennsylvania’s Sex Offender Registry

In 2012, Pennsylvania modified its law requiring sex offenders to register with the state. That statute called the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA), ...

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Sex Crimes Attorney in PA

What is Institutional Sexual Assault in PA?

Pennsylvania criminal law sets out many different sexually-related offenses and different types of sexual assault. The different sexual assault charges depend on the nature of ...

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Brian Zeiger

The Effects of Sex Offender Registration

Sex offenses carry perhaps the worst stigma of any type of criminal act. Sex offenses involve violation of another person who may be, in many ...

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Online Prostitution Sting Operations

Statistics[1] show that tens of thousands of individuals are placed under arrest for prostitution-related activities every year in the United States. While the traditional view of ...

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Open Lewdness & Indecent Exposure

Masturbating on a Septa Train

An off duty Septa Police Officer name Kevin Fant was caught masturbating on a Septa train in Philadelphia. He was prosecuted, found guilty and sentenced. The ...

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Preliminary Hearing

Rape Preliminary Hearing

At my rape preliminary hearing the judge did not allow my attorney to ask any questions regarding the physical injury, if DNA was recovered, or ...

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sex offender registration

Will I have to Register as a Sex Offender in Philadelphia?

Sex Offender Registration Pennsylvania law provides harsh penalties for sexual crimes, such as rape, sexual abuse, child pornography, and more. First, convicted offenders will likely ...

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date rape

Is Date Rape Different from Rape in Philadelphia?

The term “date rape” refers to an alleged forced sexual encounter between two people with a pre-existing relationship.  The two people can be actually dating ...

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