DUI Defense Attorney PA

Collateral Consequences of DUI

Philadelphia prosecutors and those throughout Pennsylvania in general are cracking down hard on drunk driving. It’s Pennsylvania’s second biggest cause of accidents and fatalities, behind ...

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DUI Criminal Defense Attorney

How Much Does a Good DUI Lawyer Cost?

When people face a charge for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol, it’s only natural for them to wonder what the average cost for ...

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DUI Lawyer in PA

Don’t Ruin Your Holidays With a DUI Case

The holiday season is a time for celebration and for many people, celebrations involve alcohol. When family and friends gather together and are feeling merry, ...

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DUI Attorney in PA

Frequently Asked Questions About Ignition Interlock Devices

When faced with drunk-driving charges—whether driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated—defendants may face the possibility of mandatory use of ignition interlock systems. For ...

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Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyer

Consequences of a First-Time DUI in Philadelphia

Drunk driving is a serious crime in the state of Pennsylvania, and the penalties associated with DUI have grown significantly harsher over the past few decades. ...

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Marijuana DUI Attorney in Philadelphia PA

Driving Under the Influence of Medical Marijuana in Philadelphia

Medical marijuana is a controversial issue that has created a new and developing area of law. Because DUI laws vary widely with respect to marijuana, ...

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Consequences of DUI Convictions | Philadelphia Drunk Driving Lawyer

Consequences of a DUI Conviction for Commercial Drivers in Phiadelphia

Section 383.51 of the Federal Code of Regulations governs the disqualification of drivers holding a CDL or CLP from operating a commercial motor vehicle after certain ...

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Philadelphia DUI Attorney

FAQ About First-Time DUIs in Pennsylvania

If you have recently been arrested for drunk or drugged driving for the first time, it is very likely that you just had one of ...

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new DUI law

New DUI Law | Driving Under the Influence

New DUI Law In Birchfield v. North Dakota, 579 US _ (2016), the Supreme Court of the United States changed the Driving Under the Influence ...

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Four Things to Know about the Standardized Field Sobriety Test

Four Things to Know about the Standardized Field Sobriety Test

If you are a driver and have casually read or discuss drunk driving in the United States, chances are that you have heard of the ...

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