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Early Termination of Parole and Probation & Early Parole.

How do I get early termination of parole or probation & early parole in Pennsylvania? Parole is the part of a sentence that is the when a person is released from custody but has not maxed their sentence. An example of this concept is where a person is given a sentence of 6-23 months in the county. After 6 months passes, the person is paroled. That means the person is on parole for the next 17 months. During parole, the must report to an officer to ensure their behavior is good.

Probation is where the sentence, or part of the sentence, is for the person to remain on the street, but to report to an officer to ensure their behavior is good.

If someone is in jail serving their sentence and they want to get out of jail earlier then their minimum date, or they haven’t been paroled at their minimum date, you can file a petition with the sentencing judge called an early parole petition and ask the judge to allow the person to be paroled earlier then had been intended.

If someone is on the street on probation or parole, you can file a petition with the judge for early termination of the probation or the parole.

Note that these petitions are only filed when the sentencing power is with the state court judge and not with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. Also, note that parole petitions are usually granted when someone has been in jail, been on good behavior, completed all of the classes they are supposed to complete, and have served their minimum. Also, early termination of probation petitions are usually granted when someone got a very long probation tail to their initial sentence and during the course of the probation they have truly changed their lifestyle, paid all of their fines and costs, paid all restitution, and can show the judge that they are truly worthy of being released from supervision.  A competent Philadelphia criminal defense attorney can help you determine if you meet these criteria.

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