arrested for assault

Being arrested can be a scary and humiliating experience. When law enforcement suspects that someone has committed a crime, they may use aggressive and confusing interrogation methods in order to trick a suspect into confessing or admitting guilt. Even people in custody have rights, however, some of which are found in the United States Constitution. The 5th Amendment to the Constitution protects people from being forced to incriminate themselves, both in court and also in situations where they are being interrogated in custody. In addition, the 6th Amendment provides that a person accused of a serious crime has a right to legal counsel.

Unfortunately, law enforcement officials do not always uphold these rights, and sometimes cut corners in order to get a suspect to admit guilt. When this occurs, it may be grounds to have the incriminating statements suppressed, meaning that they may not be used to as evidence to demonstrate a person’s guilt. Anyone who believes that their Constitutional rights have been violated should be certain to consult with an experienced Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer at The Zeiger Firm.

The words “You have the right to remain silent,” and what generally follows, should be familiar to anyone who has ever watched a police or courtroom drama. These words are known as the “Miranda Warning,” and are used to inform a suspect who is in custody of their Constitutional rights. The requirement that law enforcement inform a suspect of these rights developed through United States case law, in the notable case of Miranda v. Arizona. In that case, the United States Supreme Court held that not advising a suspect of their rights violates the Constitution. As a result, while law enforcement may act of information gained before a suspect has been given a Miranda warning, his or her statements may not be used to incriminate them in court.

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