The Right Questions for DUI Attorney

Questions to Ask Your DUI Lawyer

In Pennsylvania, there were 1,137 fatal vehicle crashes in 2017, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In 314 of these deaths, alcohol impairment ...

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Philadelphia Felony Conviction Lawyer - Zeiger Firm

The Consequences of a Felony Conviction

There Are No Do-Overs Felony convictions are serious, and they come with serious consequences, both immediate and long-term. Beyond fines, jail time, and a permanent ...

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Real Marijuana Law Book Being Used in Philadelphia Decriminalization arrests

Marijuana Arrests: The Impact of Decriminalization in Philadelphia

In 2014, Philadelphia decriminalized marijuana, a major step toward criminal justice reform. And just like that, an action that once warranted misdemeanor criminal charges, up ...

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DUI Charges Lawyer in Pennsylvania - Zeiger Law Firm

Guilty, Not Guilty, or No Contest? What Happens If You Choose “Nolo Contendere”

A recent statistical review of reportable motor vehicle crashes in Pennsylvania tells us that 28 alcohol-related traffic accidents, involving 18 reportable injuries, occur every day ...

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PA Domestic Violence Lawyer

Field Sobriety Tests Are Not Mandatory in Pennsylvania; You Have a Right to Refuse.

In Pennsylvania, citizens’ have substantial rights when pulled over while driving. One of a citizen’s most important rights is the right to remain silent, as ...

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