prisoner meeting with attorney

There are no bail bondsmen in Philadelphia. The court system, in its own way, acts as a bondsman. An individual need only post ten percent of the total bail, and he or she will be released. (If bail is ten thousand, one thousand in cash gets you out.) Bail can be posted at the Criminal Justice Center at 1301 Filbert Street, in the basement level, twenty-four hours a day. During daytime hours, bail can also be posted at the Curran Fromhold Correctional Facility (CFCF) at 7901 State Road. Posting Bail in Philadelphia is actually easier then other counties in Pennsylvania and your defense lawyer can guide you on what to do.

At the conclusion of the case, bail is refunded to the defendant (or whoever posts the bail, if the person who posts bail puts themselves as the guarantor). However, the City of Philadelphia keeps thirty percent of the bail money, up to a maximum of $750.00. The remainder of the bail posted is refundable, no matter if the defendant is found guilty or not-guilty.

Philadelphia accepts credit cards to post bail. However, the full amount of the bail must be posted – not just the ten percent. Real estate is also accepted as bail security, but again, the equity in the real estate must be valued at the full amount of bail – not just the ten percent.

If a defendant posts bail and then fails to appear in court or fails to abide by the conditions of bail, then all the money deposited is forfeited.

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