police officer interrogating a criminal in handcuff

Summary Offenses in Pennsylvania range from disorderly conduct to speeding tickets. So many different summary offenses exist in Pennsylvania. Now summary offense in Pennsylvania can be expunged even if convicted after five years from the end of the case. If you were not convicted, the summary is immediately expungeable. If you were under 18 at the time, after your 18th birthday, the summary may be expungeable shortly after your 18th birthday, but it depends on the situation.

Here is a list of all of the non traffic summary offenses in Pennsylvania in Title 18:

§913 (b)(3) Possession of firearm in court facility – by licensed person who failed to check it prior to entering the court facility.

§2101 Display of flag at public meetings – while in charge of any public gathering, failing to display publicly and visibly the US flag reasonably clean and in good repair.

§2707.2 Unlawful use of paintball guns/markers – in vehicle or discharged at person who is not participating in paintball game

§2709 Harassment by (1) striking, shoving, kicking or otherwise subject person to physical contact; (2) following the other person in or about a public place; or (3) engaging in a course of conduct which serve no legitimate purpose.

§3206 – Performing an abortion without informed consent

§3301 Dangerous burning

§3304 Criminal mischief which causes a loss less than $150.

§3306 Unauthorized use or opening of fire hydrant.

§3312 Destruction of a survey monument

§3503 Trespass – unless offender defies an order to leave (then 3rd deg. Misd.)

§3926 Theft of services – less than $50.

§3929 Retail theft – when first offense and stolen merchandise is < $150.

§3929.1 Library theft – when first offense and material is < $150.

§4104 Tampering with identification on personal property

§4105 Issue or pass a bad check < $200

§4107(a)(10) Deceptive or fraudulent business practice

§4662 Railroad ee abandoning train

§4664 Interfering with railroad ee

§4921 Obstructing tracks during a strike

§4957 Depriving ee of employment, seniority or benefits – b/c ee attends court due to being a crime victim, or family member of crime victim.

§5106 Physician failing to report firearm injuries to police

§5503 Disorderly Conduct – when no intent to cause harm, or no reasonable warning to desist.

§5505 Public Drunkenness

§5507 Obstructing Highway or other public passage

§5511 Cruelty to Animals – first time offense

§5511.1 Offering Live Animal as Prize

§6106 Selling a Firearm Permit – for more than permitted ($6)

§6106.1 Carrying loaded weapon other than firearm in a vehicle

§6142 Selling firearm without a locking device

§6301 Aiding/abetting a minor to commit truancy

§6304 Giving air rifle to minor – (if reasonable knowledge person is minor, misd.)2

§6304 Discharging air rifle from any public land or public place

§6305 Sale of tobacco – to minors

§6306.1 Use of tobacco in schools

§6307 Misrepresentation of age to secure liquor – first offense

§6308 Purchase, consumption, possession or transport of alcohol by minor – first offense

§6310.3 Carrying a false identification card – first offense

§6310.7 Selling/furnishing nonalcoholic beverage to minors

§6315 Selling/furnishing butane to minors

§6316 Selling/furnishing ephedrine to minors

§6501 Scattering rubbish (when not owner/operator of trash truck)

§6502 Discard/abandon refrigerator or icebox

§6503 Posting advertisement on another’s property

§6505 Discard/abandon television set

§6701 Wearing uniform/insignia of US armed forces to solicit contributions

§6702 Unauthorized sale of veterans’ flowers

§6704 Fraud on association having grand lodge

§6708 Retention of library property after notice to return – > 30 days.

§6710 Unauthorized use of registered insignia

§6711 Retention of military property after notice to return

§6712 Illegal use of shopping carts, laundry carts

§6902 Willful obstruction of emergency telephone calls

§6905 Attaching a nail or tack to a utility pole

§6906 Erecting railway-crossing signboard

§6907 Railroad crew member obstructing a public crossing

§6909Obstructing view of train signals

§6910 Unauthorized sale or transfer of travel tickets

§7101 Fraudulent entry of horses in race

§7105 Pool and billiard room owners remaining open on Sundays &/or allowing minors

§7106 Theater operator failing to require proof of age

§7301 Distribute/deposit sample of medicine, dye – in reach of children

§7304 Use of certain fire extinguishers – containing carbon tetrachloride on school property

§7305 Sale of gasoline in glass container

§7315 Unauthorized disposition of donated food

§7320 Attaching advertisement without consent of publisher

§7325 Discrimination on account of guide dog or other aid animal

§7327 Storage, consumption & sale of alcoholic beverages on unlicensed business premises

§7329 Permitting lewd, immoral or improper entertainment on bottle club premise

§7365 Dealing vehicles on Sunday

§7501 Removing mobile home to evade tax

§7502 Failure of mobile home operator to make (tax) reports

§7506 Violation of rules on Commonwealth property – rules made by Dept. Environmental Resources, PA Game Commission, and PA Historical & Museum Commission

§7511 Causing false alarm – after causing 3 false alarms to occur in consecutive 12-month period

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