Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

Were Your Rights Violated at a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Traffic Stop or Sobriety Checkpoint?

Although police officers may say that they are pulling you over for texting while driving, speeding, crossing a yellow line, running a stop sign, driving ...

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Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney

How a Prior Criminal Record Hurts You in the Long Run

In today’s competitive market, getting into a college or professional school or finding a high-paying job in the greater Philadelphia area is harder now than ...

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Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

The Right to Remain Silent: How and When it Should be Invoked

Although popularized as articulated in the famous United States Supreme Court case Miranda v. Arizona, (due to the Miranda warning, “you have the right to ...

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Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

An Overview of the Pennsylvania Criminal Trial Process

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, between 90-95% of all criminal offenders plead guilty to a qualifying offense. Although an experienced Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney ...

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Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

DUI Convictions Can Hold Serious Consequences for Commercial Drivers

Section 383.51 of the Federal Code of Regulations governs the disqualification of drivers holding a CDL or CLP from operating a commercial motor vehicle after certain ...

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